Reliving the musical about Alfred's life, premiered at STEAM, Swindon, on November 12, 2010.

The DVD of The Hammerman is now available for purchase online, using PayPal.

The musical, which traces Alfred's life and starred Paul Bradley in the title role, was premiered at STEAM, Swindon, during the Alfred Williams Heritage Festival on November 12, 2010, and the DVD includes the whole of the show.

We are selling them for 10 each, plus 1 postage and packing. All proceeds from sales go towards our educational projects, including talks and displays in schools and an educational bursary, aimed at supporting a local arts student in his or her studies.

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To order your DVD and pay online using PayPal, click on the button below:

Alfred Williams Heritage Society
The Hammerman DVD
Cost: 10 each plus 1 postage and packing

We also have for sale John Cullimore's original audio CD, The Hammerman, on which the stage musical was based and which includes a number of songs from the show, performed by John.

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