The Alfred Williams Heritage Society is delighted to feature the work of young Swindon artist Kara-Jane Senior on this website.

Her paintings and photographs will be used to illustrate Alfred's poetry and other writing (such as here).

Kara-Jane is currently attending Cirencester College, where she has just completed the International Baccalaureate and A-Level physics, and returns to study mathematics and history in September 2010. As well as art, in her spare time she enjoys dancing, and has attended the Estelle School of Dance for 16 years, appearing in around 20 shows.

For most of her life she has been creating works of art using various media, although her favourite area has always been landscape painting. Thanks to encouragement from her grandmother to use watercolours, and after winning a colouring competition at the age of three, Kara-Jane has won a number of other competitions, the latest being to design a poster for the Estelle School of Dance's production of Pinocchio.

In 2008 she achieved an A grade in GCSE art and design after undertaking the demanding course as an extra subject, completed entirely out of school lessons. Most recently (summer 2010), she achieved Level 7 in the International Baccalaureate Diploma for Higher Level Visual Art - the highest grade possible.

For years, Kara-Jane has been selling small creations of hand-made Christmas and birthday cards, and after completing her GCSEs she set up her first website for her art work and began selling pieces in aid of the NSPCC. Fundraising is very important to her, and children's charities are particularly favoured, especially as there are family connections with The Children's Society and the NSPCC. Her art is published under the name KJSenior Art.

Some items are sold with all profits being donated to the NSPCC, while with others a percentage is put forward for donation, as Kara-Jane also hopes to earn money to put into her fund for attending university in 2011, where she intends to study astrophysics.

With interest and enthusiasm in a wide range of subjects and disciplines, she says her artistic inspiration "comes from almost everything", and - not unlike Alfred Williams - she says she is fascinated by nature, various aspects of culture, history and religion, as well as science. Her work covers the whole spectrum of art, including paintings, drawings, installations, textiles, photography, sculptural pieces, ceramics and even sound.

Her most recent project explores the universe, and demonstrates how art and science can work in harmony, with the aim to blur the lines that so strongly divide the disciplines.

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The images on this page are part of a series of works by Kara-Jane based on Avebury.

The Alfred Williams Heritage Society is keen to showcase the work of other local artists and photographers by using their work on this website, particularly as a means of illustrating Alfred's writing. If you would like to be involved, email us with your contact details and a link to examples of your work.