A close look at the biggest tribute to Alfred's achievements
There's no doubt about what is the biggest tribute to the memory of Alfred Williams and his achievements - because it's a mural that's literally as big as a house.

The mural, by Swindon artist Ken White, is on the side of a house overlooking Whalebridge in Swindon, and features Golden Lion Bridge in 1908 - a scene that Alfred would have been familiar with.

It was painted in 1976 to mark the centenary of Alfred's birth, repainted by the artist in 1983 and again in 2009. Alfred is reputedly in the picture - on the right, near the dog - although claims that he is standing beside Mary are disproved when the mural is viewed from close up, because that figure is clearly male!

Ken White is best known for creating the 'scarlet lady' that can be seen on Virgin Atlantic aircraft, but is also renowned as one of the world's greatest mural painters. This was the first of many he created in Swindon, most of which are now sadly lost.

Ken also paints standard-sized scenes from Swindon's railway history, on canvas, including inside the Railway Works itself, and if there is a kind of echo of Alfred's book, Life in a Railway Factory, there's a good reason. Like Alfred, Ken not only worked there too, but also started as a rivet hotter, the very same job that Alfred first did on entering the works.

Whereas Alfred moved on to the stamping shop, however, Ken became a signwriter in the Carriage and Wagon section of the Works, before finding fame as an artist.