April 2010
Picture this! Couple's gift of paintings

Two paintings by Alfred Williams have been donated to the Society.

Clive and Ann Partridge - along with Clive's brother, Roger - handed over the paintings to Chairman John Cullimore and Vice-Chair Graham Carter.

The couple, who retired to Wales 20 years ago, were originally from Swindon, and have family connections with South Marston. The paintings belonged to Clive's father, Bill, who was given them by Alfred himself. The family always believed they depict scenes in Day House Lane at Coate, Swindon, but Clive isn't sure if that is correct.

The paintings have been stored in a shed for some years, while Clive and Ann decided what to do with them, but they donated them to the Society after finding our website. The paintings will eventually take pride of place in the Society's proposed permanent display of Alfred Williams artefacts, so that they can be enjoyed by the whole community.

Alfred took up painting in his late teens, and despite producing several paintings that were well received by local people, he gave up the hobby when he became more interested in writing. All of his paintings therefore date from the 1890s.

Graham Carter said the Society was very grateful for Clive and Ann's generosity.

"It was a surprise when Ann emailed us to say they had these two paintings," said Graham, "and an even nicer one when they said we had showed so much interest in them that they decided they wanted to give them to us.

"Thanks to their kindness, we hope a lot of local people will enjoy seeing them in the future."

The paintings can be seen below. Click on each one in turn to see them in greater detail.

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