This poem was first published in Cor Cordium (1913), and was also included in Selected Poems (1925).
Dear love, forgive,
   In mercy hear me,
Let me but live
   A little near thee;
Here, lowly stoop,
   And own my sinning,
And dimly hope
   A new beginning.

O love, the wrong
   My anger wrought thee,
Stilled all my song.
   I have not sought thee
With heart uplift
   And proudly swelling,
For some rich gift
   From thy high dwelling.

Here as I come
   Low, humble-pleading,
My heart is dumb
   And dead with bleeding;
Pale, withered forms
   Fly on before me,
A hundred storms
   Have broken o'er me.

Dear love, forgive,
   In pity hear me;
Ah! let me live
   For ever near thee;
Full sad and strange
   Were all about me,
If I should range
   This world without thee.

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