This poem was first published in Songs in Wiltshire (1909), but was also published in Cor Cordium and Selected Poems.
The full tide turning, half its journey done,
The evening poplar sighing above the river,
Showers of arrows from the setting sun;
   Leave me not ever!

Long purple shadows over hushing hills,
The drowsy bee's late note, the night-wind's shiver,
The low-breathed litany of dying bells;
   Leave me not ever!

The twilight trembling over cooling springs,
Heaven's archéd glory gone unto the Giver,
And darkness with obliterating wings;
   Leave me not ever!

Dew on the bending grasses, and a dream,
Wavings of sleep upon the stilly river,
And broken brightness of the lunar beam;
   Leave me not ever!

A cloud of anger was above my head,
Love's truest triumph follows the forgiver,
The night is waning and the morn is red;
   Leave me not ever!

Title photography by Kara-Jane Senior

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