This poem was first published in Cor Cordium (1913).
Her summer smile was sweeter
   Than summer skies at morn;
Her lightning glances fleeter
   Than ever lightning born;
The blue-bright fields above her
   Were mirrored in her eyes,
How could I help but love her,
   So little wisdom-wise!

The years waxed ever younger,
   Stars thickened in the blue,
And stronger yet and stronger
   My doting passion grew;
The green round world about her
   New blossomed at her tread,
The green round world without her
   A thousand times were dead.

Ah! simple, soulful-minded,
   What utter woe was mine,
Too darkly passion-blinded,
   Too rich with lovers' wine;
There came a burst of anger,
   Clouds crimson-lit with flame,
My dreaming, still, soul-langour
   Fast yielded up to shame.

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